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The Historic Vehicle Museum and Industrial Heritage Museum Scardona Park working time: 10 - 17h
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Interesting Museum facts

After a five-year period the Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum exhibition is now relocating from Zagreb to Skradin, where it will welcome the visitors as a part of Scardona Park - the Oldtimer and Industrial Heritage Museum.

Ferdinand Budicki

Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum collection includes oldtimers, motorcycles, bycicles, photographs, artefacts, and memorabilia, but the museum also aims to organize numerous thematic exhibitions, lectures and panels, film projections, technical workshops and restorations, as well as other events related to the introduction, promotion, and learning about the 120 years of automobile culture in Croatia.

Cultural Heritage

Croatian twentieth century cultural identity, represented through Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum exhibition in Skradin, is a tourist attraction that keeps generating new ideas within the domain of cultural tourism. It gives a whole new perspective of the cities of Skradin and Šibenik, Dalmatian region and the entire country of Croatia, which stood side by side with all modern European developments that resulted from the new order.


The museum aims to become the central part of gatherings of Croatian oldtimer and motorcycle clubs, and special attention will be paid to extracurricular school activities that will include visits of elementary and secondary school students, kindergarten children, and university students in order to further educate them by offering a better understanding of this still unexplored and somewhat exotic part of Croatian history through organizing educational workshops and fun games.

Scardona Park

The Scardona Park Museum and Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum have always paid special attention to automobilism in these parts, the meeting point of the East and the West, the fact which is reflected in coming together of Western and Easteuropean car manufacturers and brands. The visitors will take the trip down the memory lane, remembering all the wonderful moments spent with their four-wheeled friends, reminding them of their youth and the times gone by.

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